Website Cloning

Phishing Frenzy now offers a website cloner to help build a phishing website that mimics another website. Just point the cloner to a URL out on the internet and it will attempt to clone the website instantly.

Website Cloning New

The website cloner will pull down all of the HTML contents from a 200 response code and store that into the Phishing Frenzy database. Any relative URL within the HTML will be converted to an absolute URL. This allows the phishing site to be a single file while still pulling in all of the CSS, JS, and other resources via absolute URLs.

Website Cloning

Once you have cloned a website you can quickly preview the site in a new tab to ensure it looks proper. You also have the ability to download the website to a file for manipulation or other edits that you may need to make.

Website Cloning Preview

Note: This website cloner may not work perfect for every website depending on configurations and other variables.