Email Harvesting

Phishing Frenzy now offers an Email Harvester to help enumerate specific emails across the internet. The harvester requires a Bing API key to function properly. Bing provides everyone a free API key for the first 5000 transactions. If you don't have a Bing API key currently, you can obtain one here

Each page result is consider a Bing transaction. To give you an idea of how much 5000 transactions is, its approximately 2.5 million URLs to crawl with the email harvester. Each page request (transaction) will return 50 URLs for crawling.

The email harvester will first take in a domain from the form and use that to search Bing using the specified API key from within Phishing Frenzy's "Global Settings" page. Once the search has been made, a list of unique URLs will be returned for crawling.

Email Harvester New

When an array of URLs is returned the utility will then make an HTTP request to each URL. Durring this process the HTML response is analyzed and scanned for email addresses that meet your specific domain. All unique emails harvested will be stored within the Phishing Frenzy database.

Email Harvester

Once your email harvesting process has completed you have the ability to quickly preview the emails found or you can easily download the emails to a file or import them to any existing campaign.

Preview Harvested Emails

Email Harvester Preview

Import Harvested Emails to Existing Campaign

Email Harvester Import